Sexy Christians

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If you think the words sexy and Christians don't belong in the same sentence, think again. God wants your marriage to be filled with joyful, sexy intimacy. If you feel as though something's missing from your relationship, don't give up! In Sexy Christians you will learn why men and women see sex so differently, what the greatest aphrodisiac is, and how to avoid the most lethal killer to a great sex life. You'll also discover what men's and women's sexual needs are and why they are so different, what sex is all about from God's perspective, and what the differences are between male and female sexual response cycles.

If you want the kind of passionate relationship for which God made you, Sexy Christians is the place to start.


"A wonderful book on what this great mystery of sex and the Christians faith have to do with each other."
- Dr. John Townsend, speaker, bestselling author, Boundaries

"Ted and Diane Roberts take the cobwebs out of outdated ideas and debunk contemporary confusion that intrudes upon God's wonderful gift of our sexuality."
- Jack W. Hayford, chancellor, The King's College and Seminary; founding pastor, The Church On The Way

"I love this book! It can help any couple see one another better and become more intimate, connected, and happy."
- Douglas Weiss, PhD, president, American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy; author, Intimacy: A 100 Day Guide to Lasting Relationships

About the Authors

Dr. Ted Roberts is president and cofounder of Pure Desire Ministries International. He is a certified Sex Addiction Therapist and the author of Pure Desire, Seven Pillars of Freedom, and Going Deeper.

Diane Roberts is cofounder of Pure Desire Ministries International. She is author of the Betrayal and Beyond books and contributing author of Pure Desire. Diane's humor, insights, and experience combine to make her a popular speaker and dynamic conference leader.

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