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January/February 2015 Newsletter


What do you do when the old tapes from the past begin to play over and over in your mind? Reminding you of past difficulties? What steps can you take when you’re seemingly pinned down without your PD battle buddies covering your back and the enemy continues to advance? Dr. Ted developed the following exercise to equip you to do battle during difficult times.


Step 1: Identify an encounter you have had with God. When God has showed up. When it was evident He was “in the room.”

Step 2: In the encounter, what was God saying about you? (this is your Prophetic Promise - always good, always true, a statement from God).

Step 3: Find a scripture that correlates with the encounter and what God said about you.

Step 4: Commit to memory all of the above.

Repeat from Step 1 until you have your four Prophetic Promises. Write them down and memorize them as they are YOUR Prophetic Promises.


First, it places within your grasp God’s word, which is the Sword of Truth. To be effective in battle one must go on the offensive. When spiritual danger approaches you can take the fight to the enemy. When the old tapes and lies begin, rebuke them and choose to profess and believe the Prophetic Promises that God has spoke over your life. Choose to believe the truth of God vs the lies of the enemy.

Second, your Prophetic Promises are from God therefore they are the truth about you.

Finally, claiming your Prophetic Promises is a key to renewing the mind. Which as you know, is a cornerstone for success in recovery! Try the exercise yourself and apply to your daily life. Then share with your group and challenge them to take hold of God’s powerful promises for their lives! Please let us know how the exercise has helped you and your battlefield buddies at


Danielle Roberts

Danielle is a wonderful fit as the Client Care Manager at Pure Desire where she coordinates various functions for clients and the treatment staff. Danielle is truly skilled and comfortable operating within the hub of the Pure Desire ministry. For the past several years Danielle has worked outside the spotlight at PD in various roles that include management of accounts receivable, client care, and most importantly, the “unnamed assistant” to Executive Director (and husband) Bryan Roberts. Danielle is passionate and excited to work with her family at Pure Desire. Outside of the ministry Danielle loves to sing, perform, and teach young students the nuances of performance art.

A few tidbits about Danielle:

Would like to be remembered as: Loving, gracious, patient, and an encourager.
Bucket list item: A 3-4 month tour of Europe with her husband.
Hobbies: Music, singing, performing, and cooking.

If you or your group members have any questions related to client intake, appointment scheduling, account payments or treatment cost, Danielle is the person with the answers!


Please submit your questions related to PD group content or process, what you would like to know, or how PD can support you! Please submit questions to

If you have a few hours a week to volunteer, would like to support PD, and live in or around Gresham, please contact Val at for an assignment that will help advance the ministry!


Hebrews 4:12-13 God means what he says. What he says goes. His powerful Word is sharp as a surgeon’s scalpel, cutting through everything, whether doubt or defense, laying us open to listen and obey. Nothing and no one is impervious to God’s Word. We can’t get away from it—no matter what. (Message).